Embedding Google Streetview 360 images

How to Embed Google Street View Spherical Images In Your Site

Embedding Google Street View spherical images is quite simple. All you need to have is the 360 image and an account on Google Maps. Here are the simple steps:

  • Install Street View app on your smartphone (Android or iOS)
  • Open the Street View app .
  • Under “Private,” tap Select.
  • Choose a photo to publish.
  • If you have applied blurring, choose if you want to apply the blur to your published photo. Tap More More > Apply blurring or Remove blurring .
  • Tap Upload .
  • Tap Publish. You’ll see your photo under “Profile”.
  • Enlarge your 360 image full screen.
  • On the top left hand side click on the three vertical dots. Choose “Share or embed image”.
  • Copy / paste the code it into your HTML or text editor where you want it to appear on your site.

For more options see the instructions on Google Street view.

Note: 360 photos that you’ve published are added to your Geo Panoramas folder in Google Photos. If you delete or remove any 360 photos from the Geo Panoramas folder, the photos will also be removed from Google Maps

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